Getting to Know Online Casino Bonuses December 30, 2016

Unlike land-casinos, online casinos do not provide a real kind of entertainment. We don’t hear performers sing while we play online. No dancers on our desktop as we win. No fantastic and luxurious nightlife to talk about. Well, that’s not much a concern for online gamers anyway, online casino sites have ways to catch up with the land-based casinos. They simply make good offers – bonuses.

New players would usually wonder what a “bonus” is. Technically, it’s free money. Casino sites offer sign-up bonuses for new players upon deposit. Wager requirements or play-through requirements are common in sign-up bonuses. This is why it is important to read the terms and conditions provided by the site to have a clear understanding on how the bonus works. There is a specific equation to be followed to withdraw the bonus. For example, a 100% signup bonus will be provided after a 20-wager requirement. This means that the player has to bet twenty times before turning the bonus to cash. One strategy for players is to choose the site with the lowest wager requirements. Another option is to make small wagers, although it might make you look die-hard for bonuses.

Bonuses are not limited to welcome packages. Another form of bonus is the Sticky Type Bonus. Sticky Bonus is play money. It can be used to wager but it can never be withdrawn.  It’s called sticky because it won’t come off the casino and it would stay there until for a limited time. It works the same way with the sign-up bonuses but as said before, the bonus won’t be a part of your cash-out.

There are two types of Sticky Bonuses. The first type is the bonus that would disappear forever after the player withdraws his winnings. The second type is the bonus that would remain in the player’s account even after withdrawal. The advantage of the second type is that you could still use the bonus money for future bets.

The role of bonus money is to attract new or prospective players and to help experienced players boost up their chances in gambling. Any player, new or experienced, has to be familiar with strategies to help them work out their bonus accounts. Casino bonuses are not called bonus for no reason. They do help in promoting an online casino, but they lend a hand much better in winning money. Players must understand that risk of losing is still attached to wagering bonuses. Experienced players even testified that wagering sticky bonuses has a higher probability of getting busted than that of the cashable bonuses.

In gambling, every aspect must be inspected. Bonuses may sound like an extra amenity but bonuses are really main services to be dealt with.

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