History of Online Casino December 30, 2016

There are more than 2000 online casino sites all over the web. Online gambling is an on-going fad and it built empires of online casino sites for everyone to enjoy. But how did it all start? Let’s have a walkthrough on its timeline and discover how gambling online started.

The Birth – The passage of the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act in 1994 in Antigua and Barbuda permitted online users to operate online casinos. Microgaming, an online software provider was founded on the same year. It provided the functionality of online gambling and continued to equip casino sites with the necessary software. Users also seek security as they play, and thus, in 1995, Cryptologic came to life. Online monetary transaction processing is added in Cryotologic’s features and the security that the players craved for was provided. Later, Microgaming and Cryptologic created the first online casino site: InterCasino. It was launched in 1996 and contained 18 casino games.

The Growth – After its birth, the online casino industry ripened and met a lot of developments. Microgaming and Cryptologic continued to be two of the biggest contributors to online casinos and both added more features to their own software. In 1999, Boss Media launched their multi-player software, wherein players are allowed to play in a single game. Chatting with other players was also enabled in the software. Towards the New Millenium, the internet gave birth to more casino sites. Pay-outs and jackpots increased. Online gambling laws were passed in response to the increasing problems of online casinos.

At Present – Online casinos remain to face issues brought about by disgruntled players and anti-gambling movements. The USA had a hard time laboring with their online casino empire as it brought out a lot of legality issues and social problems. Many casino sites were banned or forced to close or consolidate their businesses. In other countries, online casino has developed and multiplied to respond to the increasing demand of their users.

Anti-gambling organizations continue to battle with casino sites and aspire nothing more than to eliminate online gambling. As much as they hate, casino sites grew more and more each year. The growth is almost uncontrollable and people continue to support these sites. In return, casino sites give out their best to aid their players. Bonuses and 24/7 call assistance are offered. Forums and informative websites are everywhere. New players will not certainly get lost and the answers to their questions are always available. But just to be safe, it must also be clearly understood that all casino sites live just to give fun. So once you lost the fun, stop.

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