The Randomness Issue for Online Casino Games December 30, 2016

Is the player really sure that a software plays fairly? Players have to be wary whether the game their playing really works by chance. The server might not exactly play fair against its clients. Software nowadays can be built to automate cheating and fraud. On the other hand, there have been steps taken to ensure that this won’t happen. One is Randomness Control.

Software is usually only made to simulate as much of the real thing as possible for whatever purpose it is used for. But we’re never really sure how to simulate something as sticky a concept as randomness. Randomness control assures a player that the arrangements of cards are not fixed by some determined function that would already guarantee you a loss or a win. Randomness control also assures the player of slot machines that it doesn’t begin in a pattern that could lead to a sure win or loss.

The same is the story with Wheel of Fortune and other online casino games. Before you begin the actual game, random numbers are generated to determine some variable like the arrangement of cards. Using an algorithm or a simply a procedure or process that encrypts this random number, the server then sends this sequence of numbers to the player’s unit. This algorithm, called the SHA-256 algorithm, is pretty much standard in cryptography.

This encrypted sequence is called the checksum and is usually used to tell whether there have been errors in transmitted data. The SHA-256 algorithm uses a mathematical function that would ensure that any unfair manipulation during the game (for example in cards, a single card is removed from the deck) would change the checksum in the server. This function is what they call the hash function. At the end of the game, the player can check on whether there have been any changes to find out if any cheating occurred.

Now while it does provide some protection against Online Casino misconduct, the issue for something truly random is that we must find a variable that is different every time it is used. Perhaps the best Random Number Generators used are the ones that apply this. The server’s time is generally unique but then again, you can even control the clock the machine it’s running on.

Maybe the best advice to, again, to be wary of where and what we’re playing and to check the Online Casino’s credentials and history and to not go headlong into the game without knowing something about the house your playing against.

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