Things To Know About Online Casino Bonuses December 30, 2016

Online casino bonuses have a short history. They are still present up to this time even if the bonuses keep on changing in frequency, amount and limitations. These bonuses are considered precious to all new players taking their first step in online gambling. Some players like online casino bonuses for the thought of getting free money, others use it just to increase their gambling bankroll, and some just can’t stop looking for bonuses and just want to earn money through bonuses.

Online casino bonuses are different from land based casinos which offer free hotel stays, free meals and free airfare to catch the interest of players to play at their casinos. While online casino bonuses offer sign-up bonuses which gives the player free cash or credit. One of the bonuses that online casinos give is the sign-up bonus or also known as the welcome bonus for new players. There are different sign-up bonuses on different online casinos; some add it to your credit while others add the bonus to your balance once your deposit has been made. Before signing up to an online casino with a high sign-up bonus, be sure to check the conditions because this kinds of bonuses have very tough wagering requirements. Wagering requirement is the amount of money a player has to wager to be able to withdraw from his/her account. Withdrawing while not clearing the requirements will result to having your transaction refused or will be put on hold until you have cleared all requirements. These kinds of conditions were set because of some players just sign up to receive the sign-up bonus then withdraw without making any wager. 

Another kind of online casino bonus is the Sticky Bonus which many players who have been in the online casino industry for couple of years are puzzled to understand what it really means.  Sticky bonuses are the kind of bonus that stick itself in the casino while any other cash the player has in his/her account will be credited back to him/her. This sticky bonus allows the player to make large bets while risking less money. Sticky bonuses are like a boost to a players bankroll being able to use it for making large bets without loosing much of his money in the process. Even if you were not able to withdraw the bonus it still has its advantages such as  sticky bonuses tend to be much bigger than sign up bonuses and have lighter wagering requirements. There are actually two types of sticky bonuses: The first one is the one that disappears after having made the first withdrawals having all your winnings returned but not the sticky bonus. The second one is the bonus that expires even if you made a withdrawal it will not disappear but will stay in your account and can be used until it’s all gone.

There are different kinds of bonuses offered by online casinos. It’s always up to you to choose where to sign up. Be very careful though, always read the terms and conditions the sign up bonuses or any other bonus that the casino offers so that you won’t loose a lot of your hard earned money.

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