About The Online Casino Game Baccarat December 31, 2016

Baccarat is a casino card game which was believed to have been introduced France from Italy. In order to win the game, two or more players or punters gamble against the banker and must have 2 or 3 cards having the value of 9 or close to it. In this case the value of jacks, queens and kings are considered 0, for instance having 7 and a jack will still give you 7, and if your card has a value higher than ten then the tens digit is ignored, for example if a player has 9 and 5 the value of his card will be 4. If a player holding 2 cards think he needs additional value to increase his chance of winning then he can hit, a player can only have a maximum of 3 cards. Even if the game is easy to comprehend it is really difficult to master. 

There are many variations of the game. One of them is the North American Baccarat or the “Punto Banco” in which the casino banks all the time and the players may either bet on the banker or the player, in addition to this kind of baccarat is that the players move is forced by the cards that they are dealt with. Because there are only two hands, the player and the banker and players can bet on either of them.

Another is the Chemin de Fer which was the original version of baccarat when it was introduced to France and is still the version that is popular there and this type of baccarat is in contrast to the North American version because players have the choice to stand or hit for another card. In this type of game six packs of cards are used which are shuffled the croupier and by the players if they wish. Three to eleven persons may play. A player having 8 or 9 turns up his card and announces it, if the cards turned are better than the banker then each is paid to the amount of his stake, if not all stakes are won by the banker and the game restarts. If no announcements were made then the banker deals another card to the player to is right, the player may or may not accept the card according to his judgment and if he refuses then the card goes to the next player, then the banker decides whether he will draw a card for himself or not.

Lastly is the Baccarat Banque which is also contrast to the North American version of baccarat giving the players a choice in which his skill will take part, and in this type of baccarat the banker only continues if he is winning and it is passed to another if he tends to lose and so on. Players up to ten may play in this type of baccarat.

Even if there are many types of the way this game is played the goal is always the same, having cards that values to 9 or close to 9. Other people in other countries sometimes call this game “Lucky 9” because you need a 9 or closer to it to win. In addition this game may be played differently having the same goal to win but it only differs in terms of the set of rules agreed upon. This type of game may not only be played on casinos and online casinos but also in a normal card game.

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