About Online Casino Security January 1, 2017

When gambling on online casinos be sure to know first if the online casino website is secured enough for you to give out your account information. Is it legal? This is because in some countries there are online casinos that are operating illegitimately. Some websites use the latest security software to protect your money, thereby making the website is legit and not a fraud. These are the basic things one should know before playing online gambling.

Most online casinos use the Secure Socket Layer or SSL data encryption protocol. This is how it works. Whenever information is sent, it will be garbled into a code that will not be understood by hackers who want to intercept the message. The message can only be decoded by the authorized receivers end. The latest version of this type of Encryption is the 256 bit SSL which ensures the information or funds being sent to or from the cashier which cannot be diverted to any other account or to a third party account. SSL data encryption protocol is also being implemented in most banks so you can be sure that your transaction is safe when playing at an online casino that uses SSL encryption. It is as safe as withdrawing from your ATM card.

The SSL protects transactions between player and the website while firewalls protect vital information on there servers from hackers. These firewalls deny any unauthorized user to access the information stored in the servers of casinos. Only senior or the administration can have access to this sensitive information. This firewall software are not designed by the casinos themselves but are entrusted to companies like VeriSign and Thawte. The logos of these companies are visibly placed on the casinos websites. This is to give assurance to players and for those who want to sign-up and that their information are well-protected.

Each player also has his/her own user log-in name and password for more added security. Other online casinos provide account numbers or pin numbers when withdrawing. In addition to this, the player automatically logs-out whenever he exits out of the casino. Although some online casino websites use software’s that remember the username and password of the player, it’s all up to the player to disable these features to protect his/her own account.

With all these security features available, a player still needs to make sure that the online casino he/she is playing in provides different payment options and not only credit or debit cards. Other casinos use accounts such as Paypal and Netseller as a payment method. There a so many online gambling sites on the web today that it is best to check for security and integrity and to determine whether the site is legit or scam. It is always best to stay on the safe side because gambling is about playing with real money.

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