Caution to Online Casino Scams January 1, 2017

If the number of online casinos today is growing fast, so are the online casino scams and frauds. Online casinos that are known to be fraud tend to steal player’s identity or their money and offer no customer support. These so called casinos take advantage of players and their money offering them really big amounts of bonuses, bigger than a legit online casino can offer. They even have posts by players on there websites claiming that they have won very big amounts or even jackpots. These kinds of online casinos are fraud and the people claiming to have won thousands are unreal. There are some ways to spot fake online casinos

There are ways to spot these fraud online casinos, and one of them is what they call Rogue Sites. These websites are a total copy of the original online casinos that web criminals use to fool players in signing up because the site has all the logos, forms and everything else that the original online casino has. Except of course in these online casinos, the player will never receive any pay out when he/she wins and will not be able to get any refund on his/her money. Rogue sites also use flashy advertisements to catch the interest of players such as claiming that a player can win a very large amount of money.

Just like in real life where logos are copied and placed on products, so are the logos of the IGC or Internet Gaming Commission, where they are copied by con artists and placed on their so called online casino. The logo of the IGC may represent credibility and legitimacy but cannot be fooled because this could just be a trick for you to be scammed. Rogue sites also have impressive reviews about their websites, these reviews build-up the particular online website in order for players to have false sense of security and be lured into signing over their financial information.

Here are ways to protect yourself from online gambling scams. One is don’t easily fall for the IGC logo. If you are having doubts about the gambling site, send an email to IGC and ask if the website and operator is a certified and legitimate member. Secondly don’t put your faith in a gambling site you are not familiar with. It is best to try three free especially if it’s your first time to play on their site. Lastly, check on the reviews about the particular online gambling site you are interested in signing-up. Make sure that the reviews are favorable and believable. Also, check out gambling forums to find out other players’ experiences and opinions. Some review sites also offer a list of rogue casinos.

A player must always keep in mind that the online gambling industry is not controlled and barely regulated, so if you fall for a scam you will not be given the guarantee that you will have your money back. Losing your money through gambling is only one of the risks a player must take, but what’s worse is having been cheated out of it even if given the fact that you could’ve avoided it by just a few hours of research. Before playing in any online gambling site, do your research about the site you’re about to sign up in. This is to make your stay in online casinos a pleasant one and with luck, who knows, you might win big.

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