Blackjack casino history has been around for a long time.  You will find that the origins of Blackjack are considered to be French.  In the 18th century France the game Vingt-et-un was played in the casinos, and means 21.  The player that could get twenty one would win against the dealer in casinos.  This meant that anyone who could have a Jack and Ace of Spades would have twenty one and be paid more for that bet.  Since the spades are black and the jack was required the name was derived from the cards.


Blackjack casino history in America has its start in the 19th century.  Nevada was one of the first states to legalize gambling and began playing Blackjack in the casinos.  It wasn’t until the 1960’s though that Blackjack really took off in history.  During this time there were strategies created for playing the game and winning against the house.  Until the strategies were created most of the casinos would win the bets rather than the players.  With the advent of technology blackjack casino history has made another leap in that the game is now available on a variety of websites for anyone over the age of eighteen to gamble.


Online blackjack is going to differ in small ways from the blackjack casino history first taught us.  Since you are not in the casino and you are essentially betting against a computer you have to have more strategies in order to win the game.  So keep in mind that even a little blackjack casino history may lead you to that winning streak.