To understand blackjack online you need to understand how to score the hand you have.  Without understanding the scoring rules you would not be able to play the game with success.  You will find there are several casino blackjack rules in the scoring department that are pertinent to your game.


First you should know that all cards between 2 and 9 are going to be their face value.  In other words a 3 will be 3 points in the game.  Anything that is between 10 and King, i.e. all the court cards you will earn 10 points.  Since the goal of the game is to get 21 without going bust or as close to 21 as you can you will find that knowing just this basic level of rules will get you a little winnings in the game.  There are other terms in casino blackjack rules that can make the process a little difficult.


First you have a blackjack hand, which means that you have cards that are dealt to you.  To bust means that you have gone over 21 and you are no longer in the game.  This is a losing situation, and can be avoided once you learn some blackjack strategies.


A natural hand or blackjack means that you drew your first two cards and they amounted to 21.  You are set for the rest of the game.  Even if the casino dealer did not bust you have won.  The last term is tie or a push in which you both have the same score or natural hands.