Different Types of Online Casinos January 1, 2017

Online casinos come in 3 types, the Web-based online casinos, Download-based, and the Live-based online casino.

First is the Web-based online casino. This type of online casino is played directly through the website without any need to download software to your own computer. Games on web- based online casino games are represented by java or flash and by plug-ins. This type of online casino game needs a good amount of bandwidth to be able to load all the graphics, sounds and animations because they load through the web via the plug in. A very few online casinos allow the games to be played through plain HTML interfaces and the graphics and sounds they provide are not that good. Web-based online casinos also face the problem of disconnection and that the speed of the games played are affected due to bandwidth restrictions and other connection problems.

Another type of online casinos is the Download-based type. As the name implies, users have to download certain softwares to be able to play the casino games they want. When the software is downloaded and installed in the computer of the user, it connects to the casino service provider. Download-based type is more preferred by most online casino players than that of web-based type. The great thing about download based type is that the speed and graphics of the game are impressive and not to mention its reliability. With this being said, the only downside to playing download-based online casino is, having the risk acquiring viruses attached to the software being downloaded. So it still best that you download from reliable sites and that you must have a reliable anti-virus software installed in your computer in order to be on the safe side. So far, this is the best type of online casino game that you should consider. 

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