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For any player who longs to enjoy Blackjack at his or her own pace, no matter what it may be, rather than adhere to the stressful speed of a traditional casino, Online Blackjack might be the key to happiness and great fun. Focus on strategy and reference charts easily when playing Online Blackjack, and you will be at the top of your game.

One more reason for fans to play games of Online Blackjack is that this is a great way to see that strategy has a place in casino gambling. It isn’t all just random luck! Blackjack requires a degree of critical thinking that not all gamblers are interested in, but the ones who enjoy it really love to play. For more information, head over to the Blackjack Strategies section of the site.

Varieties of Blackjack games

Pontoon is the name for an English version of Blackjack with rules that differ from those of traditional Blackjack. Australian players who speak about Pontoon, however, are actually referring to an adopted version of Spanish 21 (which happens to be an American game that has nothing to do with English Pontoon). Spanish 21 is also a Blackjack derivative that is based on a specific and generous interpretation of Blackjack’s modern rules.

Twenty-First Century Blackjack – also known as “Vegas Style Blackjack” – is a version of the game that actually rose to fame in California. This American variation lets a player push on in a dual player-dealer bust situation so long as the dealer’s bust total is higher than the player’s bust total.

Chinese Blackjack varieties, which are especially well known in Asia and parts of the Far East, permits particular card combinations but forbid card splitting.

French and German Blackjack versions (known, respectively, as Vingt-et-un and Siebzehn und Vier) do not allow players to split aces. In these games, aces are always treated as elevens, although Two Aces automatically count as Blackjack. This Blackjack variation is commonly played in the military but is not a big draw at casinos.

Tournament blackjack has seen an incredible surge in player participation, largely due to widespread interest in online and tournament poker. Elimination Blackjack is a type of tournament Blackjack developed as a direct result of public demand. You can learn more about Blackjack Tournaments in this website’s informative tournaments section.