10 Bucket List Goals of Every Rummy Player

Most of the rummy players have a bucket list of goals. Some of these may seem simple, some complex, but these are dreams, which most of the newbie and experts players have on their mind. We have compiled a list of such goals by those who play rummy online free or for real money.

  1. Know All Formats of Rummy

There are different variations of rummy card game, and every card player wishes to understand the gaming techniques to each of them. Even if the person does not play all the formats, he/she still likes to keep knowledge about the same. So if the individual feels a certain game variation is getting too monotonous, he/she can switch over to another format easily.

  1. Make a Pure Sequence Soon

When people play rummy, their foremost goal is to make a pure sequence or a natural run. Here the player has to arrange cards of the same suit in consecutive order, such as 7, 8, and 9 of Heart. A pure sequence is mandatory for a valid declare and a win. Thus, a person will want to make one the soonest so that he/she can then focus on rest of the game to form impure sequences and sets.

  1. Wrap Up a Game in a Few Moves

Who does not like a quick win? It is a dream of every card games player to declare at the soonest within a few moves. For this, people wish to get a good hand, where they receive maximum related cards. If in luck, some may even come across a card in the very first move, which helps to create a pure sequence. After then, forming impure sequences and sets will not take much time.

  1. Grab a Winning Streak

Those who play rummy online real money wish to win consecutive games to grab a winning streak. At some gaming platforms, the player can earn higher points or bonus on winning games at a go, one after the other. It gives a sense of self fulfilment as well and boosts confidence, which can help win further games by inspiring the player to make the right moves.

  1. Play on Multiple Tables

It is possible to play on multiple tables, but it is not easy to do so. But people still wish to play rummy online across several platforms on different systems, such as laptop, personal computer, and gaming app, etc. It is not advisable to do so, as it is difficult to concentrate on each ongoing game. But of course it is a bucket list goal after all, and many players have been able to tick this goal off quite successfully.

  1. Access Rummy 24 x 7

Other than accessing rummy online free, players also wish access to a platform that offers the option to the game not just in the day time but through 24 hours. After all, an added slice of cake is always desirable, just like the opportunity to play even in late hours of the night.

  1. Ace both Free and Real Money Games

So, a person may be a master in free rummy game, but not always in cash games. So, a goal for that player will be to be good at even the latter. For this, one has to practice the game once and again. Playing frequently will make the person adept in the gaming skills and techniques.

  1. Earn a Reputation on a Gaming Platform

To be known as an expert among hundreds of online rummy players is quite a reputation. A player will always want to earn that kind of recognition on a gaming platform. It is like a status symbol and a way to regain confidence in own game. Even the opponents think twice to go ahead and play the game or not when faced with tough players such as these.

  1. Win Rummy Tournaments

Playing online free rummy games is one of the common habits of card-gaming enthusiasts. But winning a competitive tournament, is like a dream come true. From hundreds of players, only a few get the opportunity to win, based on their skills and how they play the game to a valid declare.

  1. Use Cash Prize for Purchases

Many play rummy online for cash, and many times, they even win the promised prize. Is not that delightful? Who does not like to spend their hard earned winnings on merchandises and goodies they always wanted? Rummy gaming platforms do provide the opportunity to do that.

In Conclusion

Those who know how to play rummy, after a point of time, always form a bucket list related to the game in their mind, some of which we have mentioned above. If you have any of these goals, then do not wait, but get to fulfil those right away.