Barcelona and Real Madrid are top earning clubs

Barcelona and Real Madrid succeeded to overtake Manchester United and become top earning clubs. According to annual reports, they earn the highest revenues and have a great underlying financial strength.

Top earning clubs: Barcelona and Real Madrid

Manchester Units has always been among the biggest earners. This year, it took the third place because Barcelona and Real Madrid are top earning clubs now according to their revenues and financial potential. Based on annual reports, football keeps booming and bringing high profits. Go to Pin-up Casino to bet and earn good money.

Real Madrid is the first earning club, thanks to a huge uplift in merchandising, sponsorship, and lucrative fixtures. It’s the first club that succeeded to generate over €750m. The annual revenue of Barcelona is over £610m due to winning La Liga and its new shirt sponsorship with the e-commerce company from Japan.

Football is a bull market in Europe. Its annual revenue growth is incredible. The outstanding performance of Real Madrid is based on its long and successful history, including 3 Champions League titles. This club will remain strong for a long time.

Besides, English clubs perform well, including Liverpool and Manchester City. Although Premier League clubs are on the top of financial performance with thirteen clubs, there’s a huge increase for the next cycle. It means that more clubs from other leagues will discover their financial potential.