Can new gambling laws help Illinois prosper?

New gambling laws passed by those in power in the state of Illinois could be the ticket to greater prosperity for its citizens. That is certainly the hope of the Illinois lawmakers anyway! A comprehensive 816-page gambling bill was passed by the state’s General Assembly recently that is aimed at turning Illinois into the Midwest’s gambling capital.

Covering both casino gambling and sports betting, the new bill is wide ranging in scope. It seems that Illinois has looked at the route taken by other US states such as New Jersey and chosen to take advantage of the new mood in America around gambling. As per the NJ sports betting sites that citizens there can place a wager on, Illinois is on track to make this possible for its own people too. Along with the extra casinos and video gambling provision, it is exciting times for anyone in the Prairie State.

What does the new legislation cover?

The new gambling bill recently passed is perhaps most prominent in making sports betting in Illinois legal. This is not only in person at casinos or sports venue but also at online sportsbook sites. Six new casinos were also sanctioned in the bill along with an increase in the number of video gambling machines. The state’s horse racing tracks will also now be transformed into “racinos” by allowing casino gambling at the state’s existing three racing tracks. Illinois lawmakers have also decided to up the number of state-sponsored gambling seats at various venues to around 80,000. This is particularly significant as it is almost four times the number that any neighboring state has.

New bill even affects major airports 

If the above were not far ranging enough, then the new gambling laws will see poker machines and video slot games at O’Hare and Midway airports. This is naturally a big change and shows just how ambitious the new legislation passed is. Of course, this will also be great news for travelers looking for something to do on those long waits between flights!

It is projected that within a couple of years, Illinois may have over 7,000 video gambling sites, 16 casinos, 5,000 lottery-style sports kiosks and five “racinos”. This is in addition to online sports betting, which will become available to players in the state via sportsbook sites online. Whether on their mobile phone, laptop or desktop PC, it will make sports betting much easier for everyone there.

Can this help Illinois prosper into the future?

The new sports betting and gambling laws in Illinois could certainly have a positive impact on the state’s economy. Those in charge believe that it will bring much-needed additional revenue into its borders and help boost jobs and wealth for its citizens. It is also hoped that revenue made by the state in terms of gambling taxes will help to fund public works and contribute to the $45bn “Rebuild Illinois” project. It also brings Illinois into the 21st century with regard to gambling and online sports betting in particular. This alone could be enough to see it turn into the gambling hub of the Midwest as anticipated.