Eat-and-run is an online service

The website Eat-and-run is an online service that allows you to verify whether a restaurant surcharges for public holidays.

Public holiday surcharges are very common, even if restaurants claim otherwise. A reason for this might be that customers find it hard to keep track of the many public holidays around Australia or that customers didn’t realize they were being charged more than the displayed menu price.

Eat-and-run does precisely what its name implies: show you which restaurants are playing fair and display their prices on public holidays unchanged. To do so, the site requests your postcode and shows all results within 10km of your location. The results can be sorted by distance or rating (if any reviews have been submitted). You can now use this 먹튀사이트 to check if the displayed menu prices are the ones you will pay.

The results can be displayed as a list or map and contain essential business names, addresses, and phone numbers. So you can quickly call up restaurants in case of questions.

All the site’s content is already available. Therefore, there will be no further expansion of the project.

That is what eating and running mean: eating food that you didn’t pay for.

The idea behind this site is that if one can verify that they are not doing so, they must have paid for their food. However, if one fails to do so, they probably ate and ran         (i.e., did not pay).

It was designed by a Finnish web designer in his spare time using open-source software and free or inexpensive materials with only a minimal budget from affiliate ad sales on English Wikipedia to keep it going. The design concept aims at being pleasant to look at while also fitting in with Wikipedia’s style and branding. The site doesn’t require any sign-up and is available in many languages.

Since the launch of the eat-and-run verification site, there have been no reports that anyone has eaten and run after verifying that they paid for their food. This means that if one visits the website before eating at a restaurant, it is very likely (more than 99%) that such a person will not go home hungry. It may also be true that such person found the restaurant to their liking and would like to come back again in future or recommend it to others who need it — but we don’t offer any guarantees on this point; we only can say what percentage of people do come back and recommend restaurants.

We are not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from one’s use of the site, including but not limited to material damage, personal injury, emotional distress, etc.

As of now, Eat-and-run doesn’t show any independent reviews written by users on its site, but it does provide an e-mail address so that you can report incorrect prices or suggest adding new restaurants.