Enjoy the Popular Thai Card Game

There are few more thrilling and entertaining ways to spend an evening than playing Pok Deng in a casino. It is a card game played with fifty-two deck cards supporting six to seven players. Before the game starts, players choose a dealer. If all players agree, the dealer continues for the rest of the game, or they can select another person as a dealer as the game progress. Each hand is quick and short, lasting only a few minutes. Before the card is dealt, players place their bets in the form of chips or real money. The dealer spreads the cards either clockwise or otherwise, as each player receives two face-down cards.

The game of Pok Deng

The game is against the dealer, not against fellow players. The game proceeds in the same direction as the card was given; clockwise or anti-clockwise. Each h player has the option to draw an additional card or not. If a player chooses to draw one card, the maximum number is limited to three at a time. If the initial hand of a player has a team made up of eight or nine, then he has a pok. He must announce it and reveal the cards are face–up. As the hand is considered good enough, an additional card is not permitted. On the other hand, if the dealer has a Pok Deng (ป๊อกเด้ง), the same process is initiated. The dealer`s hand is compared with the other player`s hand.

The most preferred form of gambling is a state-run lottery

Most form of traditional gambling is prohibited in Thailand. But gamblers put their stake in different digital casino sites. According to the Center for Gambling and Center for Social and Business Development, 57% of adult citizens of Thailand took part in wagering activities last year. The most preferred form of gambling is a state-run lottery. This is followed by sports betting; around 3.5 million people are active sports bettors.

Online gambling is considered illegitimate in Thailand. The implementation of the law is done with soft hands; people indulge in online casino games on offshore gambling sites. The authorities with limited resources cannot stop the exodus to offshore gambling websites. The ministry of information and communication technology is taking measures to block IP addresses that are understood to visit websites of casino sites. The Thai court has passed judgment to block 1,202 websites for online gambling.

The most sought-after form of wagering is football betting. Different promotional offers such as welcome bonuses, credit bonuses are presented to attract new wagers. It is presumed if gambling is legitimized, it can generate considerable revenue for the government. But such implementation is not expected in the near future for various reasons.  One of the primary reasons is a significant part of citizens wants more severe measures against gambling.

Creating awareness about harmful effects is the only solution. There are limited options to monitor and control VPN connections used to access gambling websites conducting Pok Deng (ป๊อกเด้ง) registered outside Thailand. Gambling in Thailand will survive and grow, although as the grey market, in law illegal, but in reality easily accessible. Series of previous governments wanted to legalize gambling in Thailand but stumbled to opposition pressure.