How to Gauge the Game Plan through Rummy Player’s Moves?

Rummy is a game of skills and whoever masters these skills first wins the game. Rules alone don’t teach you about the game. Good rummy players know the strategies and the tactics involved in the game. Winning is a result of applying the right tactics. If you wish to excel in Indian rummy online games, you need to understand these tricks and strategies. We are trying to help you understand how you can understand the game plan through the moves of the opponent and plan your moves accordingly.

What does it imply if the opponent picks up an open card?

An open card is the first card in the deck after the playing cards have been distributed by the dealer. Open card is the card left open as a replacement for the disposed pile in case of the first player. The first player gets to pick the open card if he wants to. If the first player picks the open card, it usually implies that the card completes the pure sequence or life. Otherwise, your opponent won’t risk showing the card he is picking to you. It is wise to start keeping track of the points in your hand if this is the case.

What does it imply if he picks up a picture card?

All the picture cards are high point cards. A person would never pick high point cards unless it completes a set or a sequence. If he has picked a high point card, it will either be completing his pure sequence or life. Otherwise, he may have completed his life and may have picked the picture card to complete one of the remaining two melds. In either of the cases, as an opponent, you need to get cautious. If you have completed your life, you can go ahead and reduce the points in your hand. If you have not completed your life, you may even consider passing the game mid-way. In Khelplay Rummy, the term used for passing mid-way is second drop and best players of rummy patti game know when to choose this option.

What does it imply if he disposes a joker?

Joker is like a life-line in rummy game and most people cling on to it with their heart and soul. Expert players with many years’ experience to their credit consider disposing their jokers if it acts as a hindrance. People who possess multiple jokers in their hand may have difficulty forming their pure sequence. Sometimes it becomes necessary to get rid of extra jokers to make way for cards to complete the pure sequences in Indian rummy game. As an opponent to such a player, you must make sure you do not dispose cards that complete the opponent’s pure sequence. You need to remember that all other sets and sequences may already be complete and only the pure sequence maybe remaining. You need to be wise and choose your moves accordingly.

What does it imply if he disposes low point cards?

When a person starts disposing his low point cards, it means that he is close to winning. He just needs one card to complete the last set or sequence. This implies that in the 13 card rummy game, each card you dispose should be thoughtfully played. One wrong move can decide the fate of the game. If you have not even formed your life yet, you must choose to pass your turn. The points charged will surely be less than the points when you lose the game. Think of all the odds before playing the next move.

If you are still trying to grasp the tricks of rummy games, here are some special tips to help you:

  • As soon as the cards are distributed, arrange your hand in a proper order
  • Never pick from the disposed pile till your life is formed
  • Never underestimate the opponent
  • Always keep track of the points once the life is formed
  • Don’t use pulled-out jokers to complete sets/melds when your sequences are not complete
  • Do not hesitate to pass the game mid-way if you see no chances of winning the game

The above tips are very useful if you are participating in online real cash winning games as real money would be involved here.