Most Common Questions About Lottery Syndicates

A lottery syndicate allows you to play the lottery along with other people. You form a group that strengthens your chances of winning the jackpot. Each member contributes a certain required amount of money per month. The collected amount will then be used to buy more tickets. Obviously, when there are more tickets, there is a greater chance of winning.

This is why a lot of people become really interested in lottery syndicates. If you are not familiar with this concept and you have not tried one before, here are some of the most common questions.

Who selects the numbers?

If you are buying the ticket on your own, you decide which combination to use. Joining a syndicate does not eliminate this chance. For instance, the syndicate has 150 people. As a member, you have the chance to select 5 main numbers ranging from 1-50. This is good for one line. If you opt not to choose any numbers, it is fine. You can let the syndicate choose on your behalf or select the numbers at random.

How are winnings distributed?

The amount won will be divided among the members of the syndicate only. In some syndicates, members get the same amount because they have also paid the exact same amount each month. However, for some syndicates, you can decide how much you are willing to contribute each month provided that it does not go below the minimum amount required. When you have contributed more, you will also receive more when it is time to distribute the winnings. The amount will then be sent to your bank account. Processing takes a few days only.

What happens with failure to pay membership fees on time?

Those who have missed the deadline might not be allowed to participate in that particular month. If the team wins, you will not be included in the division of the prizes even if technically you are a part of the syndicate. You will be allowed to contribute the next time though. For some syndicates, those who missed the deadline can still join provided that they pay administration fees. You will be warned if you keep missing the deadline.

How do you know if you have won?

You don’t even need to follow what is going on all the time. For instance, with the e-luk draw, it is easy for you to know that you have won as you will be notified by email right away. You don’t even have to follow the updates.

Given the e-luk advantages you get along with other lottery syndicates, it is time to give it a real shot. A lot of people have won big after joining a syndicate.