Online Poker Deposit Option In Indonesia

Online Poker has brought about a global expansion in the world of Poker. This has given rise to some of the poker hotspots around the world. There are several online sites that are popping out everyday and Indonesian sites seem to be the most among all these.

But Online Poker is not legal in Indonesia but still, people work their way around it and still play. The issue that most people face is deposit options as most international poker sites have very fewer payment options. So, if you are looking for an online poker deposit option in Indonesia, then here are a few.

Online Poker Deposit Option in Indonesia:

Bank Transfer:

This is the easiest form of deposit option and almost all sites will agree to this immediately. The reason behind this is that money is available immediately. But if you want to use this process then there are a few details that you need to jot down.

First of all, you need to contact the customer support of the preferred site and get a few details from them. Those details would be like, which banks they prefer, the account number where you are supposed to transfer the money and the name of the account.

Credit Card:

Credit Cards would be your second-best choice in case you are unable to process a bank transfer.  Mostly all websites accept Visa and Mastercard, IDN Poker is one of those websites. So, what you need to do is select which you will be using to make payments and after that enter the card number and the name of the person on the card.

When all these are done, then you can transfer money quite easily. Also make sure whether, that your bank allows you to make payments on Poker Online Indonesia or not. If they don’t then you can try talking them, or else get a new card from a bank that allows.


AsiaPay88 is one option that you can choose. This payment option is only available in East and South-East Asia. But before using it you need to check whether the site accepts this method of payment or not. If they do then you need to follow a few steps to make payments for Poker Online Indonesia.

First of all, you need to make the deposit. After that is done you would be required to take a screenshot of the payment made by you and send it to the site. After they receive and confirm it, then only you will be able to receive the credits. IDN Poker is one of those sites where this payment method is available.

These are just a few payment methods that you can choose to make payments and besides, there are quite a few other payments methods as well. But the issue with this is that they are not that safe and you might end up losing your money. So, it is suggested that you stick to these methods only; one of the others will definitely work.