Online Slot Strategy: How to Beat A Maniac

Often at the online slot tables (but also in live slot) you come across maniac players, as annoying as they are beatable. These are hyper – aggressive players, who play a lot of hands and always with great impetuosity, making extensive use of bluffing and squeeze techniques. Let’s see at Situs judi slot online how to adjust your style to win against these types of players.

The simplest way to be able to take away a fair number of chips is to use his aggression to your advantage, trying to maximize your monster hands, perhaps letting him always take the initiative and hit him “release”, showing a weakness that in reality you do not have.

You must always vary your game. If you only play monster hands, even a maniac player will understand the strategy after a few hands. Therefore it is sometimes important to make small bets or cheap calls, thus trying to better mix your behavior and be less readable so as to make the most of the monster hand (which sooner or later arrives). When you have a good hand or a good hand on the flop it is good to adopt the slow play strategy and hope that the maniac puts a lot of money into the pot. At that point you can also re-raise.

Furthermore, this type of player is unlikely to be able to metabolize a bad beator a simple steal right away, so you need to be ready to exploit his “irrational anger” and take away as many chips as possible.

These are the fundamental points to always keep in mind:

Isolation: try to sit in the positions immediately to the left of the madman. When you decide it’s time to go up against him with your strong hand, triple his bet so that you stay in one-on-one. If he follows your raise most of the time you will have an advantage, because he will probably have followed you with a hand not as strong as yours.

Location: Even if you are not particularly close to the “Maniac”, try to check the position. If you can talk after him you will have a chance to control the pot and take home marginal hands that ultimately make a difference.

Stay focused: The biggest danger you can face against such a player is losing control after luck has helped them undeservedly. You have to avoid the tilt and think that you are the winner and he is the loser, what happens in a game session does not change the values in the long run. So keep control of your mind and keep playing, the time will surely come when he will pay dearly for his way of playing.

Conclusion: between having it and not having it, it is always better that there is a crazy player at the table. As previously stated he is a loser, and over time he will end up giving away all of his money. Do not be discouraged by hands that you did not deserve to lose, wait for the right moment and you will see that the “Maniac” will become a gold mine.