Surrendering, Probability, And Card Counting: The Blackjack Strategies You Should Know

Blackjack is a popular card game that has drawn the interest of gamblers all over the world. For a beginner, it is essential that they go through the learning process of acquainting themselves with the basics of how the game works. However, once these have been conquered, what’s next for them?

This article is written to provide an introduction to some of the blackjack strategies you should know. Arming yourself with the right information on the best tactics you can use during game sessions will help you win more. Now, let’s take a look at what these strategies are all about!

Blackjack strategies

In many other casino games, including poker, there are no “correct” strategies for sure winning – as you can learn on several websites such as In a similar manner, no strategies can guarantee you a win in Blackjack. However, they can enhance your chances of winning. Some of these are introduced as follows:


The rules about surrender vary among various casinos. For instance, you might think a dealer has a strong hand. Then, you can choose to give up or “surrender” half of your bet and forfeiting your hand. To many, this strategy might seem like a bad move. However, if your dealer has a blackjack, the entire wager is gone. Moreover, if you have a bad hand, it is only logical to surrender.

There are basically two kinds of surrender in blackjack games:

  • Early surrender
  • Late surrender

When a casino supports early surrender, you can choose to surrender before the dealer checks their hole card for blackjack. On the other hand, if the casino supports late surrender, you can only choose to surrender after the dealer checks their hole cards for blackjack.

In most cases, early surrender is preferred by players since the dealer wins the game once they possess a blackjack. As a result, most casinos allowing surrender as an option only support late surrender. There are several platforms where you can learn more about this.

Odds and probability

Generally, gambling involves trying your luck on outcomes, and this also relates to odds and probability. The mathematics behind how blackjack works is a study on its own. Before going too deep, we must explain the house edge.

This represents the amount you are expected to lose whenever you place a wager on a game. All casino games – regardless of their profitability – have a house edge. This is how casinos make their profits and stay in business. Casino operators understand that they have no reason to beat every player each time they place a wager.

For instance, when it comes to Roulette games, all they have to do is to win about 5.3% of the total roulette bets placed over the year. However, in blackjack, the house edge is between 0.5% and 1%, which makes it one of the best casino games a player can wager on.

This number implies that when you place a bet of $200 at a table with a house edge of 1%, you are expected to lose an average of $1 for a hand over a large set of games. Of course, this is just an average number and an assumption. However, if you make so many mistakes while playing, the house edge can be as high as 5% or above. It must be stressed that this game has memory. What happens in previous hands might affect subsequent hands.

Card Counting

This simply involves monitoring the ratio of high cards to low cards that are left in the deck. Oftentimes, a deck with a greater number of high cards in it favours the player. To explain this further, take, for example, if you get a blackjack, you are paid 3 to 2. Since blackjack consists of 10s and aces, there is a possibility that you are dealt a blackjack when there are more of those cards present in the deck.

Once you raise the size of your bet when there are several 10s and aces in the deck and you reduce the size of your bets when there are not, you’ll attain an edge over the casino. This system sets values to the cards in order to monitor or track this ratio. The number goes up and down as each card is dealt. This system is easy enough for everyone to learn. You must ensure that you are acquainted with how to count cards and do this without the pressure of being in a casino.


These blackjack strategies should not be too difficult to master for players that understand the basics of the game. At this stage, you are already developing and refining all you have learnt as a beginner. You are acquainting yourself with the right strategies, understanding how the odds work, and beginning to learn how to count cards.

From this point, you can progress to the next level. By arming yourself with the right skills, your gameplay will not only be solid but you will also be a master of this game.