This is how poker bonuses work

There is a lot of competition in the online poker industry. There is simply way too many companies offering the service that it is hard to survive if you are not careful with your business practices. Companies in this industry use every trick in the book to entice and keep customers on their platforms. New companies are always joining the industry and that makes competition even stiffer. Companies that survive in this industry are the ones that are honest and use good business practices. The use of bonuses to entice customers is very common in this industry. Besides bonuses, 온라인홀덤 companies also use free tournament entries to attract customer and if you use them well, you can get you poker bankroll off to a good start.

Companies offer a huge variety of bonuses that you need to know about before you join any site so that you can take maximum advantage of them. below are some of the bonuses that are commonly offered by poker sites.

Types of initial poker bonus

Initial poker bonuses are the type of bonuses that players are given when they first sign up for an account and haven’t started playing on the platform yet. A good example of these bonuses is initial deposit bonus. This is the bonus that the company gives you when you deposit money into your account. In most cases, the bonus will be a certain percentage of the deposit. The percentage could be 25%, 50% all the way to 100%. When the company gives you 100% initial deposit bonus, it means that they double your deposit.

Besides the bonus, most sites also offer you additional goodies, which include training site membership, software downloads, and tournament entries. If you are a beginner, it is important to sign up for free training so that you can learn a few skills and tips about the game.

Free bonuses

Initial deposit bonuses are usually given when a person deposits money into their account. However, free bonuses are given to player for merely signing up on the site. That means that the minute you create and verify your account, the bonus is deposited into your account. I know what you are thinking, but let me assure you, it doesn’t work that way. You may be thinking that you can just withdraw the free bonus and move to the next site that offers the same too. If that’s your thought then I hate to break it to you because it doesn’t work that way. There is no site that will allow you to withdraw the free bonus just like that. They will lock the bonus until you have spent a given amount of time and played a given number of games on the site. Chances are that by the time you exhaust the set number of games and time, you won’t want to just take the money and run. In fact, you will have gotten used to the game so much that you will want to deposit more money instead of taking money out of your account.

Ongoing bonuses

These are the kind of bonuses that you get as you continue playing poker on the site. They are normally bigger and better.