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Why And When To Apply Continuation Betting Strategy In Poker?

When a player first raises pre-flop and then continues his aggressive play betting again on flop is called C-bet or continuation bet. The player has snatched the initiative continuously, so the term continuation bet. It is an efficient poker strategy, which can be undertaken as a bet with solid hand value or a bluff.

Normally, a player makes a continuation bet, when in position against one opponent, who has virtually checked their turn on the flop. Continuation bet is made on the perceptions that one’s hand will not enhance on the flop, so first player to stake can take the pot, at that point.

It is a 100% default action for several poker players. Frequently using this strategy can be perceived easily by most wise opponents. Predictability is equivalent to stepping into the minefield of other players, except the imperceptive opponents.

Aim of continuation bets

When you play on situs poker online terpopuler then there are times you will experience a need to attack your opponent aggressively as you fell that your hand will not improve by the flop. Therefore, you aim to earn the pot, instantly. You can even use it as reverse bluff, when your hands are solid and can build the pot.

When to play continuous bet?

Few opponents means higher chances of success in winning with continuation bet.

General guide of C-bet winning chances –

  • When heads up – 100%
  • Against 2 players – 50%
  • Against 3 players – 25%

Continuation bet against more than a single opponent gives a level of unpredictability to the game. If there are more than 4 players then you will possibly desire to hit the flop prior directing more chips to the middle as well as a check can be in line.

Board texture

Besides the number of opponent, flop texture is crucial to determine whether C-bet is to be played or not. C-bet can be made, when you flop solid hand. In poker, play different hands in the same way. For example, if you make C-bet regularly when you whiff on flop then also do the same with strong hands or suspicion gets aroused. Your intention is to influence opponents, which can be obtained with frequent C-betting. It can give your solid hands some disguise and cover.

Continuation bet sizing

Many factors contribute in determining bet size. It includes stack size, opponent’s playing tendencies, and your personal table image. Bet size needs to be balanced for a couple of reasons. This strategy is not fool proof and so you don’t desire to wager too small, which can invite a call or wager too large, which can make you appear reckless [can become costly].

Be consistent in your betting, so make sure that your C-bet is the same size as post-flop or half the size of pot amount.