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What you need to know about Free Spins in Casinos

Online casinos often use free spins to attract customers when they release a new theme for a slot game. The gaming suppliers such as NetEnt often release new games based on various pop culture themes to ride on the hype of popular shows or songs such as Game of Thrones. Casino free spins allow players to try out a new game without risk. Accessing free spins is quite easy. In most gaming sites, new customers are usually awarded free spins as soon as they sign up. Free betting chances attract gamers because they provide an opportunity to increase the odds of winning.

Here are some few things you need to know about free spins.

  1. Opportunity to play for free and win real money

Winning money is the goal of any online gambler. Imagine getting the chance to win real money without putting any money? That is what free spins have to offer. You get to have fun at your convenience and stand a chance of winning real money without putting a coin in.

  1. A chance to try out new casinos

If you are a newbie in online gambling or you want to explore new sites and see what they have to offer, then casino free spins will come in very handy. With these, you get to try out games in different online casino sites to get a feel and know how they operate. However, you should know that free spins are different free games. Free games are demo games which help you navigate through a game and get to know more about it. You stand no chance of winning any money in demo games.

  1. Low betting levels

Free spins expose online casinos to losses if the player wins a lot of money. To minimize the risk of losing a lot of money, they limit the amount of money one can stake using free spins. That way, you can only bet with small amounts of money in each turn; therefore, chances of you getting large winnings out of a spin are highly unlikely.

  1. Wagering requirements

Just as with any free thing in the world, there are some strings attached. Before you can be able to withdraw your winnings, you must meet some wagering requirements which vary from site to site. For beginners, the wagering concept is a bit confusing. It is another way online casinos use to reduce the risk of loses through customers having big winnings whereby they put a standard number of times which you have to win using the free spins before you can cash out. The wagers significantly reduce your chances.

In most online gambling platforms, the pros of casino free spins outweigh the cons, but it also depends on how each particular website handles them. With heightened competition, there are sites which offer free spins without wagering requirements to increase their market share. Furthermore, in the past, the free spins were only available to a limited number of games which were not necessarily the best. These days, however, you can access free spins for a multitude of games with a higher value.