Your Guide To Horse Racing Betting

One of the most famous ways to place bets on Online Horse Racing Betting at Big Free BetAlthough they do not reach football in the number of bets made, horse racing is one of the best-known betting niches and with a more faithful audience.

They are very popular in the United Kingdom where there are large investments and big business around them.

Although in Spain you don’t bet on horses so much, more and more people try their luck both in their closest racecourse and in online betting.

The reasons are clear. The races are short-lived but very exciting, which causes the adrenaline to fire if the horse we have chosen fights for the victory. It is a very intense and addictive sensation and that many seek to repeat.

Horse betting attractions

If we had to choose some reasons why horse racing is so attractive we would say that:

  • Uncertainty:Not always the favorite wins and that makes the races very exciting. There are frequent surprises.
  • High quotas:Precisely this uncertainty makes even the favorite horses have high quotas, which means you can earn a lot of money.
  • Emotion:Being a race of few minutes and very continuous, makes betting is something very dynamic and that brings a lot of emotion to the event.

Types of horse racing bets

In horse racing, there are different types of bets available that can be summed up in direct or combined bets. The difference is that in the first bets on a single horse and in the combined bets with several.

Types of direct bets

Win bet: You choose only one horse as the winner of the race and if you win, you win the bet.

Place bet: You choose a horse and it has to finish first or second making a profit.

Bet on the third (Show): You choose a flap and it has to finish, first, second or third making a profit.

Types of bets combined

Exact: You have to choose the horses that will finish first and second in a race, and also do it in the correct order.

Twin: Betting on the first two classified horses. You must hit the order of arrival.

Reversible or Imperfect Twin: You choose the two horses that will finish first and second. They can arrive in any order.

Combined twin: 3 or more horses are chosen that must finish first or second in the classification in any order. If you choose 3 horses, 6 twins or 3 reversible twins are made.

Trifecta: Bets on the top 3 classified and you have to hit them in the exact order.

 Types of horse races

There are different types of horse racingThe best known are those that run on flat terrain without obstacles. They can be done on grass or land, in a straight line or on a circuit similar to a running track.

But they are not the only ones, there are also races with obstacles of various kinds. They can be fences if they are in a normal closed circuit or more varied obstacles if the race takes place in an open space.

There are also races called ” trotters .” They are races in which the rider is not upon the horse but in a car dragged by the same called sulkyTo avoid incidents, the horse does not go at full speed but goes trotting, hence the name of the specialty.